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Thank you for signing in and joining the Gleam Joel Global Movement “Still Standing”.  Welcome to the Global Center. As I mentioned before, I started this website to create a place where a group of people with common interest but different backgrounds would have a platform and a united voice to bring changes in the communities around them and around the world. The goal of this website and the "Movement" is to offer you, as a member, the opportunity to be actively involved in a "Global Movement" around the world. Many more people are signing in from all over the world to join with me in this vision making our "Global Movement" not just my dream and vision, but the vision and dream of many people around the world. Please upload to your profile your best picture, and don't forget to include your city and your country. On the info section please describe what your talents expertise are and what you would like to do to make this world a better place. Also, please include what you would love to do for the "Movement". This will help us plan strategically and logistically the events and concerts around your city and country. You represent your city and country and we need faces and real locations of our members because this is a "Social Global Movement" made with real people.



GLEAM Records: - Producing and promoting uplifting entertaining Music with non- explicit lyrical content.  Making music videos that promote the positive entertainment culture and offering our listeners and viewers an alternative uplifting music.  A PERCENTAGE OF THE SALES GO TO THE MOVEMENT 

GLEAM Talent School: Discovering, developing and promoting of talented artist through Gleam Joel's Global Movement.  This will be done through online workshops and in communities where I tour.

GLEAM Talent Search & Booking Agency  - "From the Streets to the Stage" Giving artist around the world an equal and fare opportunity to compete on our Global Stage and to win prizes and sponsoring; promoting positive entertainment. 

GLEAM Multimedia online TV and Radio - Weekly webisodes, interviews, and documentary of our Global Movement, concerts, fashion shows, art shows and much more will be filmed and aired on the Movement channel sharing with you global trends.  The DJs, radio and TV host who are members of the Movement will be given the opportunity to doing special shows for us in front of cameras in the communities where I am touring at the after parties.   We will also partner with radios and TV stations around the world to share this positive show. 

GLEAM Concerts and Events: Members can help plan with me concerts and events like big birthday parties, festivals, school or college parties, conferences and church services to create an awareness of the Movement to your area.   Anyone who organizes an event will get a percentage of the ticket sales.  If you intend to organize a show or want to invite me to speak at a gathering to promote the Movement please send me a message in my member account or an email to This is why it is very important for all members to upload their photos, names city and country, it will help us logistically plan events regionally with other members.

Sponsors – Gleam Joel's Global Movement will offer individuals and companies a global platform as sponsors to create stores online and during my tours in the concert venues.  The revenues generated will be used to enhance the mission and vision of the Global Movement.  If a member brings a sponsor we will offer a finder’s fee.  

GLEAM Online Store- CD's, DVD's, paintings, graffiti’s, designer wear and fan articles will be on sale.  Products of active members will be available for sale in our store both online and in our concerts venues for a fee.   

Gleam Help  -  offering online counseling and prayers to those that need it.

Creating Jobs for Members - Through the enormous commercial potential and network of this Global Movement, we will in the future create employment possibilities for our active members, utilizing their gifts and talents.


Do not forget to upload your picture and write your city your country and what you do your skills gifts and talents. 


Thank for joining this "Global Movement"

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